Tongkat Ali is thought to be a muscle builder and testosterone booster — but what’s the real deal?

If you’re male — and especially if you’re over the age of 40 — you’ve likely been targeted by Google or Facebook ads for something like ‘MALE XXXXXL’ characterized by black and red bottles, often with a bodybuilder’s chiseled abs on the front.

For these reasons and more, Tongkat Ali (also called Longjack) has become one of the world’s most infamous herbs. Supposedly able to support a myriad of male-related challenges, it claims to be some sort of male panacea.

But how do we tell the facts apart from the fiction? The truth about the efficacy of this sacred plant…

Photo by Amanda Dalbjörn via Unsplash

We’re all unique.

Each of us is different because we’ve all faced a set of distinct experiences. Our choices, our family dynamics, and our trauma have all shaped us.

The above methodology contributes to the ‘nurture’ component of the human condition. These concepts dictate our perceptions, bias, and our attitudes towards ourselves and others.

But before you developed a consciousness, you were already special. An unique individual. ‘Nature’ also makes you, you. Nature was responsible for many of the things you just simply can’t change about yourself.

Eye colour. General body shape. Genetic deficiencies. Maximum height. …

I love coffee.

I’m that guy in the lunchroom whirling his handheld coffee grinder at 8:00 AM like some pepper grinder aficionado.

But I won’t lie. I will settle when the laziness sets in (I’ve been spoiled by our fancy coffee machines, I can’t help it). BUT. If you just happen to get me started on De Mello Palheta’s Butterfly Kiss or Pilot’s Kenyan blend…game over.

Strange enough, not everyone is fanatical as I am. For some bizarre reason, not everyone owns a pour over, an Aeropress, and multiple french presses.


The truth: most people couldn’t care less about…

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All things science-backed wellness, mindfulness, and marketing.

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